In the last decade India has gained interest as a lucrative market for business, resulting in an increase in IPR filing from outside India. Moreover, the publication of India's national IPR policy, support schemes and amendments to various IPR laws, have revitalized the IPR regime within India.

At MV Kini, the IPR team with its diverse and extensive experience is well equipped to advise and support clients on IPR matters, ranging from identification, protection, enforcement of patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights.

The team has advised various clients on strategizing, preparing and implementing the IPR policy within the organization's framework. Additionally, the team has extensively worked with organizations to train their employees and conducting IPR mining and IPR audit sessions, which in turn has led to a change in culture and proactive IPR protection.

Over the years, the team has become skilled in successfully challenging IPR situations, such as handling IPR during a post-merger or acquisition phase, or during technology/IPR license negotiations, in cutting edge and upcoming technologies such as block chain, driverless cars, AI, etc. Further, the IPR team, in collaboration with MVK's corporate team, has also advised on various IPR issues in service agreements, product agreements, end-user agreements, open source licensing and technology licensing.

Together with MVK's litigation team, the IPR team has assisted clients with various issues relating to the enforcement of intellectual property. With about 15 offices across India and associate firms across the globe the firm can handle local and global issues related to IPR enforcement and litigation. We have successfully defended clients in several high-stake litigation matters.

The team actively and closely monitors legal developments on IPRs across major jurisdictions, such as the USA, EU, China, Japan along with India. This helps the team to advise clients on diverse technology areas with to regards to cross-border IPR issues, thus enabling efficient IPR protection in multiple countries. The team also offers advisory and facilitation services to start-ups, with focus on various Indian Government Schemes, like the Start-up India Program.

Key People

Principal Associate

Raghavendra holds a master's in mechanical engineering from the UK and is a qualified Indian Patent and Design Agent. He is also a Registered Facilitator under the Start-up India Program managed by the Government of India. At MV Kini, Raghavendra heads the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) department and oversees cases before Indian Intellectual Property Rights office.

Raghavendra started his career with research and development in manufacturing technology and later transitioned into IPR. Over the years, he has represented clients in front of the Indian IPR authorities for filing, prosecuting, obtaining, and maintaining IPRs. He also represented clients in filing opposition to grant of patents and trademarks.

Raghavendra regularly advises clients on the identification, protection, and enforcement of IPRs along with issues related to intellectual property that arise during agreements, technology transfers, software licensing, and open source licensing. He also advises clients on preparation and implementation of IPR policies.

Raghavendra is also actively involved in conducting IPR training and awareness sessions at organization and education institutions and has been a speaker at various national and international conferences.

Practice Areas
Intellectual Property Rights:
✔ Patents
✔ Design
✔ Trademark
✔ Copyright
✔ Plant Varity Act
✔ Start-up Advisory